What is Paidfairly.com?

Paidfairly.com is a free total compensation resource that specializes in salary data that offers the world an inside look at what employers have been looking at for years. It provides everyone with accurate salary data to make better decisions.

Compensation touches our lives in more ways than we imagine. It determines what house we live in, car we drive, college our kids attend, vacations we take, our ability to retire on time and how we live our lives.

Therefore, it is very important to know if you are being paid fairly.

Paidfairly interpolates and then extrapolates real employer-reported salary data points based on revenue, industry and location. In turn, helping anyone gauge their current salary or a potential salary offer, and know if they are being paid fairly.

No other site offers such detailed information about salaries close to what the employers are looking at – all for free.