By FormInsight, Ltd


Want to be a better leader, team player, communicator, negotiator, partner or parent?

Join over 40 million people worldwide who have transformed their lives with the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, now available as an app. You can use the Keirsey app to:

-Shape the life of your dreams by defining an inspiring vision of success based on your natural preferences
-Build outstanding relationships by synchronizing your needs with the needs of others
-Accelerate your capacity to learn and achieve your goals by unleashing your unique strengths
-Maximize your career potential by collaborating powerfully to generate breakthrough results

For over five decades, David Keirsey has enabled people and organizations to create actionable insights to capitalize on their potential and address challenges. With this powerful and award winning app you can:

-Assess your personality and learn how to thrive in your personal relationships both at work and at home
-Use the Quick Sort tool to assess your friends and colleagues
-Instantly store and access and your assessments using the Keirsey Contact Manager
-Prepare for successful encounters using the Compare Personalities tool
-Access a comprehensive suite of reports to maximize your understanding of yourself and others